Interest Verification

IRAC’s business model is premised on one fact; that banks, like any other business concern, make mistakes in their handling of Loans, Overdrafts, Mortgages and

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// Various statutes


Interest Verification

Litigation Support

Assistance when facing Auctioneers or Receivers

Finance Cost Assurance

This is a service for anyone with a borrowing account.
IRAC recalculates interest and verifies

IRAC helps to ensure that your client only pays for what they rightly owe and not a cent more.   

IRAC has the tools and expertise to assist you when you need help urgently.If you are receiving 

IRAC queries the bank account(s), line-by-line, entry-by-entry & transaction-by-transaction. IRAC thereafter 


Data Analysis /Interest Verification

Service Output - Report Generation

IRAC understands the highly sensitive nature of the work involved. Strict confidentiality during the entire period of engagement is therefore 

With all entries into the account verified, IRAC then re-computes the interest on the Overdraft and Loan Accounts to ensure it is mathematically 

This is in hard and/or soft copy. The following is a listing of the various reports generated as a result of the Finance Costs Assurance process

Our Target Clientele

We serve both clients and all Licensed Banks and Specified Financial Institutions in Kenya that are governed by The Banking Act and The Central Bank of Kenya Act. This means any individual borrower or company with credit(borrowing) facilities with a bank or financial institution.

Benefits to you

The key benefit is Peace of Mind – that your finance costs (interest charged) are accurately stated and that you are paying only what you should pay and not a cent more. Our other value-adding services include: –
 1. Detection of interest overcharges leading to claims for refunds.


What we require for the IRAC process is clear copies of:

  • All bank account statements, from the first to the most recent one.
  • All Banking Facility Letters or Hire Purchase agreements relating to your bank account or associated bank accounts.

 All correspondence from the bank and to the bank, e.g. notification of interest rate change or enhancement or reduction of limits. The Security document – Legal Charge, Mortgage Deed or Guarantee.