How old is irac?

Irac is 18years Old

Is the bank threatening to auction your charged property?

Prudential Guidlines  3.2.10 Debt Recovery, Section 96(2),(3) Land Act – Chargee’s power of Sale, Section 21 Auctioneer’s Act – Auction Sales.

Did you know you have a right to be informed when your account became non- performing?

See HCCC No. 298 of 2008 Duncan Nderitu Wamae Vs Housing Finance

Did you know you are protected as to what the bank can charge you as default charges?

Consumer Protection Section 61 default charges

Did you know you have the right and freedom of information?

See constitution of Kenya 2010 Article 46 – Consumer Rights, Prudential Guidelines 2013- 3.4 Transparency and 3.2 Fairness

Did you know it is up to the bank to prove they sought and got ministerial approval before they varied interest rates?

Section 44 Banking Act , HCCC No 563 of 2006 Paul Hudson Kamau Vs Housing Finance (K) Ltd,  Civil Appeal No. 202 of 2004  Margaret Njeri Murimi ( being the administrator of the estate of the late joseph Muiruri Gachoka(deceased)  and Bank of Baroda ( Kenya ) Limited